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Monday, 30 March

The class focused on the St. Crispian Day speech in Act IV scene iii.

First the class wrote about and discussed the ideas of "glory" and of "honor".

The the class studied the text and viewed a version produced by Kenneth Branaugh in 1988 and Lawerence Olivier in 1944. The class considered how contemporary history could have effected the choices of directors and actors.

Next class will be the final day in a computer lab to work on the thesis.

The vocabulary note card activity is due next class.

Thursday / Friday March 19th and 20th

Students got the 2nd rough draft of their thesis back; Mr. Zartler tried to respond to all questions on students asked on the draft.

Students turned in the World Connection Questions activity.

The class studied Winston Churchill's first speech as Prime Minister "Be Ye Men of Valour" in connection with the French King discussion war with his Constable and the Dauphin.

Students had some time to read and work on vocabulary cards.

Have an excellent and safe break!

Tuesday, March 17th & Wednesday March 18th

Students were reminded that the Henry V paper which will be due the second week of April will be focused on comparing a speech about war in Henry V with a different text about war and analyzing how each attempts to define the experience of war (or peace).

The class prepared to turn in their Final Rough Drafts of the Thesis by reviewing the model essay (linked in a previous post).

Students also identified the key words in their thesis, and circled them. Students then examined their draft to ensure good organization by looking for key words in subsection thesis statements and in topic sentences.

Students had time to conference with Mr. Zartler; read Henry V; work on the vocabulary card activity; or work on the world connection question activity.

World Connection is due next class (March 19)

March 31st will be the final lab day for the thesis.

The thesis will be due April 7th.

"Shock and Awe" and the Invasion of Iraq

Henry V gives a speech to the inhabitants of Hafleur.

Compare his speech to the words of George W. Bush on invading Iraq in 2003 and images from the opening minutes of the war.

"Shock and Awe" Some of this video footage may be disturbing. Please excuse yourself from viewing if necessary. 
Bush Announces Invasion of Iraq 4:40
Juxtaposition of Bush and Bombing of Bagdad 2:17 (edited to emphasize a particular point of view)
Raw Footage of Invasion of Iraq 2:22

Thursday / Friday 12 / 13 March

We began with due dates:

Word Connection activity is due 19/20 March.
Vocabulary Card activity is due 31 March / 1 April

Full rough draft of the thesis is due 17 / 18 March.

The class then shared and discussed some of the World Connections questions students had already written.

Next the class reviewed the Prologue to Act II of Henry V.

Then the class read part of the Introduction to Jarhead by Anthony Swofford. The class focused on the first few pages of the book (available as a "look inside" on -- warning strong language). After reading it the class wrote a comparison of Swofford's experience compared to what Shakespeare describes.

After sharing their thoughts the class watched Henry V, while following along with the text.

The class then began the Iambic Pentameter activity (copies available from Mr. Zartler).

Monday, March 9th

Class focused on the question of friendship.

Students wrote on the prompt: "What are the limits to friendship?" The class then discussed this question in terms of Henry's relationship with Falstaff.

One interesting discussion included Henry's treatment of the traitors in Act II in relationship to his (in some ways) similar treatment of Falstaff.

Students had time to read Henry V. Act III is due on next Monday.

Class will head to the lab to work on finishing the full rough draft of the thesis for Tuesday / Wednesday March 17/ 18th!

Wednesday, 4 March

Students were reminded that the rough draft of their thesis is due on Friday.

The class reviewed Canterbury's speech in Act I. scene 2 in the context of propaganda.

Mr. Zartler introuced the American Heritage Dictionary as a resource for the Henry V vocabulary project. The class also reviewed the Question Journal Assignment for Henry V.

Students had time to work on vocabulary and reading with the assistance of Mr. Zartler.

Act I and II is due by Monday.

7th Period Monday, March 2nd

Class was given this assignment:

Henry V Vocabulary and Question Journal
Part A: Vocabulary For this unit on Shakespeare’s Henry V we will be immersed in language. Language is dynamic; it grows and morphs and shape-shifts. Language has the power to connect people, start feuds, deepen understanding and inspire the unimaginable. Over the course of the next few weeks we’ll pay attention to how language affects us as readers and as writers. We will investigate meaning and formulate preferences for our own language choices. 
As a tool to support this process, you will createvocabulary cardsusing 3by 5 or 5 by 8 index cards.  Please choose words that you come across in the play (Shakespeare’s words, not the translator’s). Choose words that are new to you.This may include a word that you’ve come across several times but never fully understood before now.  Choose words because they’re exciting, weird, surprising, racy, beautiful, ugly, intense, and/or words that are utterly useful and how-did-you-…

4th Period: Monday, 2 March

Class was focused on the speech of Canterberry on "Salic Law" in Act I.

The class discussed the argument, and the intention of Lord Canterbury and the other lords urging war, and Henry's concern with "right and conscience."

Students were reminded of the vocabulary card assignment as well as the essential questions for the unit:

How does language inspire meaning and expression of experience?