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Thursday / Friday 12 / 13 March

We began with due dates:

Word Connection activity is due 19/20 March.
Vocabulary Card activity is due 31 March / 1 April

Full rough draft of the thesis is due 17 / 18 March.

The class then shared and discussed some of the World Connections questions students had already written.

Next the class reviewed the Prologue to Act II of Henry V.

Then the class read part of the Introduction to Jarhead by Anthony Swofford. The class focused on the first few pages of the book (available as a "look inside" on -- warning strong language). After reading it the class wrote a comparison of Swofford's experience compared to what Shakespeare describes.

After sharing their thoughts the class watched Henry V, while following along with the text.

The class then began the Iambic Pentameter activity (copies available from Mr. Zartler).