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Tuesday, March 17th & Wednesday March 18th

Students were reminded that the Henry V paper which will be due the second week of April will be focused on comparing a speech about war in Henry V with a different text about war and analyzing how each attempts to define the experience of war (or peace).

The class prepared to turn in their Final Rough Drafts of the Thesis by reviewing the model essay (linked in a previous post).

Students also identified the key words in their thesis, and circled them. Students then examined their draft to ensure good organization by looking for key words in subsection thesis statements and in topic sentences.

Students had time to conference with Mr. Zartler; read Henry V; work on the vocabulary card activity; or work on the world connection question activity.

World Connection is due next class (March 19)

March 31st will be the final lab day for the thesis.

The thesis will be due April 7th.