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4th Period: The Week of 27-20 April

4th Period: The Week of 27-30 April

Students had class on Monday and Thursday of this week.

On Monday students turned in their essays on Henry V.

Students self-evaluated their essays by answering the following questions

How does this essay address the use of language? Does it show your ability to compare and contrast the use of language?

Which essential question from this unit is addressed in this essay? How well did you address this question in your essay?

What grade do you think you have earned on this assignment and why?

After this the class discussed an article about the government of Afganistan's efforts to promote literacy and the work of Portland resident Zahar Wahab to help spread literacy there.

Then Mr. Zartler introduced the "My Plan" essay.

On Thursday students received a graphic organizer for the "My Plan" essay  and had the class period to write the essay, upload it to Naviance, and to turn in a hard copy with a grading rubric attached to Mr. Zartler.