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Thursday, April 23rd

4th Period continued with Thesis presentations.

Students were also reminded to read the article about Literacy in Afganistan for Monday.

The class reviewed for the Henry V paper due on Monday.

Mr. Zartler presented a lesson on Connotation and Denotation to prepare students for the Motif Tracking that students will pursue while reading Kite Runner. Students had time to begin reading Kite Runner.

Kite RunnerMotif Tracking

Definition: A motif is a recurring object, concept, or structure in a work of literature.  A motif may also be two contrasting elements in a work such as good and evil.  The purpose of this journal is to track motifs that serve as ways to unify the work as a whole. 

Directions:  In a journal consisting of two columns, track three motifs found in the novel.  In the left hand column, write up to ten words of the quote where the motif appears, label the motif, and include the page number.  Include a minimum of five entries per motif (15 total).   In the right column, discuss the author’s purpose, tone, and your own insights about the function of the motif. 

Due Date:

Points Possible: 30

List the three motifs you will track here:

Motif                                                              Interpretation
Write the quote, page number and motif in this column
Write the author’s purpose, tone, your own insights in this column

Page #:



Page #:




Kites, games, friendship, regret, guilt, redemption, dreams, trees, clothing, deformity/scars (seen and unseen), music, weapons (slingshots, brass knuckles), food, colors, gifts, vehicles and books