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Tuesday / Wednesday May 26 / 27

Students turned in their motif journals and discussed the end of Kite Runner.
Then students had time to work on the following assignment:
Essay Prompts
Directions:Choose one of the prompts below and write a 3-4 page typed essay covering the scope of the novel, The Kite Runner.Support your essay with multiple examples from the text.
Assignment Details: ·Paper must be typed, 12 pt. book font, double-spaced(all drafts) ·About 3 pages long ·Includes at least two properly embedded quotes; at least three quotes for better papers
Due Dates ·Rough Draft for peer editing: May 28/29 (25 formative points) ·Final Draft: June 1 (75 summative points)
Expository Options:
At the outset of the novel, Rahim Khan tells Amir “there is a way to be good again.”What, in your opinion, turns out to be the road to redemption as the author lays out this thinking—not just for Amir, but for any individual who has experienced some kind of moral breakdown?
Amir says of the incredibly loyal Hassa…

Monday, 18 May

Class focused on analyzing the role of women and comparing the point of view of women in Kite Runner to the role and experiences of the male characters.

Next class:

Quiz on Kite Runner through page 272

Landay and explanatory paragraph assignment due.

Thursday / Friday 14 / 15 May

The class read and discussed a variety of Landay's and used them to discuss key scenes and motifs in Kite Runner.

The following assignment is due Monday for period 4 and Wednesday for period 7:

Identify a key passage or scene in Kite Runner with a quote and a page number

Write a Landay(s) that reflects the POV of a character (real or imaginary) in Kite Runner (other than Amir, the narrator) of the scene or motif.

Write a solid paragraph that explains how the Landay(s) add to ones understanding of Kite Runner.

Students will have a quiz on the next section of the book on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Tuesday / Wednesday 12 / 13 May

Class took the second reading quiz.

Next small groups generated a short list of key scenes from the first half of the book, and students choose one to write about.

Choosing either a topic the student had an "aha!" about, or a question that he or she is "stuck" on, each student wrote a discussion question for Kite Runner.

4th Period will be discussing the following questions next class:
1) What made Baba decide to not get cancer treatment?
2) Why did Amir say America gave Baba an ulcer?
3) How might things have turned out differently if Hassan and Ali hadn't left?
4) How would Amir and Hassan's relationship change / develop given more time between them?

7th Period will be discussing the following:
Why doesn't Amir help Hassan?
Is it the relationship with pride and honor that make Amir and Baba so different?
How does Baba's wealth help in the escape from Afganistan?
Why did Amir choose not to protect Hassan if he considers him a brother?

Monday, 11 May

Students received their Senior Thesis and scores for the thesis.

Students received an up to date grade print out; the signed print out is due next class.

Students shared their Landays with the class.

Class discussed various topics related to Kite Runner.

There is a quiz on pages 100-189 next class.
Chapters 14-21 (190-272) are due on the 18th and 19th.

The entire books should be ready by May 26th and 27th.

Thursday / Friday 7 / 8 May

Class began with the quiz on pages 1-100.

Next students were presented some mystery texts (below):

After discussing the texts, the class listened to a story about the Landay.

All students should bring a Landay to class on Monday.
Mystery Texts Related to Kite Runner
Name _____________________________________________ Date ________________ Period ____
Read the texts below. Take note of what your response to the texts. Note what is present and what is not present in the text. What are the texts about? What can you tell about the speaker of each text? What questions do you have about the texts? What do you find yourself thinking about after reading the texts?

When sisters sit together, they always praise their brothers. When brothers sit together, they sell their sisters to others.

How much simpler can love be?
Let’s get engaged. Text me.

I’ll kiss you in the pomegranate garden. Hush!
People will think there’s a goat in the underbrush.

Your eyes aren’t eyes. They’re bees.
I can find no cure for their s…