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Thursday / Friday 7 / 8 May

Class began with the quiz on pages 1-100.

Next students were presented some mystery texts (below):

After discussing the texts, the class listened to a story about the Landay.

All students should bring a Landay to class on Monday.

Mystery Texts Related to Kite Runner

Name _____________________________________________ Date ________________ Period ____

Read the texts below. Take note of what your response to the texts. Note what is present and what is not present in the text. What are the texts about? What can you tell about the speaker of each text? What questions do you have about the texts? What do you find yourself thinking about after reading the texts?

When sisters sit together, they always praise their brothers.
When brothers sit together, they sell their sisters to others.

How much simpler can love be?
Let’s get engaged. Text me.

 I’ll kiss you in the pomegranate garden. Hush!
People will think there’s a goat in the underbrush.

Your eyes aren’t eyes. They’re bees.
I can find no cure for their sting.

May God destroy the Taliban and end their wars.
They’ve made Afghan women into widows and whores.