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Tuesday / Wednesday 12 / 13 May

Class took the second reading quiz.

Next small groups generated a short list of key scenes from the first half of the book, and students choose one to write about.

Choosing either a topic the student had an "aha!" about, or a question that he or she is "stuck" on, each student wrote a discussion question for Kite Runner.

4th Period will be discussing the following questions next class:
1) What made Baba decide to not get cancer treatment?
2) Why did Amir say America gave Baba an ulcer?
3) How might things have turned out differently if Hassan and Ali hadn't left?
4) How would Amir and Hassan's relationship change / develop given more time between them?

7th Period will be discussing the following:
Why doesn't Amir help Hassan?
Is it the relationship with pride and honor that make Amir and Baba so different?
How does Baba's wealth help in the escape from Afganistan?
Why did Amir choose not to protect Hassan if he considers him a brother?