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Tuesday / Wednesday May 26 / 27

Students turned in their motif journals and discussed the end of Kite Runner.

Then students had time to work on the following assignment:

Essay Prompts

Directions:  Choose one of the prompts below and write a 3-4 page typed essay covering the scope of the novel, The Kite Runner.  Support your essay with multiple examples from the text. 

Assignment Details:
·       Paper must be typed, 12 pt. book font, double-spaced  (all drafts)
·       About 3 pages long
·       Includes at least two properly embedded quotes; at least three quotes for better papers

Due Dates
·       Rough Draft for peer editing: May 28/29 (25 formative points)
·       Final Draft: June 1 (75 summative points)


Expository Options:

  1. At the outset of the novel, Rahim Khan tells Amir “there is a way to be good again.”  What, in your opinion, turns out to be the road to redemption as the author lays out this thinking—not just for Amir, but for any individual who has experienced some kind of moral breakdown?

  1. Amir says of the incredibly loyal Hassan on page 55: “That’s the thing about people who mean everything they say.  They think everyone else does too.”  To what degree are the interactions of characters in this novel constrained by their very different moral codes?  Who sees “the other” accurately in this novel?  What is the key to that accurate seeing?

  1. When Amir fights Assef his lip is split in two. This is just one in a long series of deformities and scars presented in Kite Runner. How does the motif of deformity help the reader understand the ideas of guilt in Kite Runner? (Use at least three different characters and their deformities / scars in you response.)

  1. How do you think the narrator of Kite Runner define redemption? Is redemption something that happens internally or externally? How does Hosseini symbolize redemption in the book? Where does redemption come from?

  1. You may come up with your own topic, but must have it approved in advance of the rough draft due date for it to be acceptable. One way to come up with a topic is to look at the intersection of two different ideas in the novel such as “kites & friendship” or “kites and dreams.”

The Kite Runner
Essay Peer Editing Sheet/Check List

Directions: While reading your peer’s essay, make comments and check off the list of the sections below.  Attach this sheet to the back of your drafts.

_____1. Thesis Statement: Stated or Implied.  Write in the space below.  (Remember a thesis has 2 parts—a subject and an opinion.  Example: “The use of trees in this novel is a clever device for conveying character emotions.”)



_____2. Introduction: What kind of introduction did the writer use?
            Wake up call

_____3. Evidence: Prove your point with specific examples from the novel.  On the essay, mark each of the following you used in a different color.
            Block Quotes using the text for proof
            Embedded quotes using the text for proof
            Paraphrase of incidents, language, characterization, etc that prove your point
            Analysis: Why this evidence proves your point

_____4. Transitions; Refer back to your thesis.  Keep your essay moving.

_____5. Conclusion: What kind of conclusion did you use?
            Circle back to the beginning
            Possible solution
            Restate and emphasize thesis
            Further questions to think about
            Other? (describe it)

_____6. Tight Writing:
            Active Verbs
            Lean Language
            Metaphoric Language
            Sentence Variety

_____7. Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling checked and corrected

On the back of this page, describe two things that need to be revised the most and two things the author does particularly well.


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