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Beginnings and Endings.

The calendar year is ending, and I've had a series of transitions in my own life lately.

I'm meant to sign my divorce papers tomorrow.

My uncle Wynne, who my youngest son is named after, my mother's older brother, passed on yesterday.

That's a lot of endings. But we also have beginnings.

My Dad left his home in Kansas City last Friday and moved into the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans yesterday. I flew down and drove him back to Grand Rapids in his pickup in one day, an epic road trip with my Daddy.

In one day, without a word or a backward glance, my Dad left the home he shared with my Mom for the last decade of his life, ate for the last time at the diner he loves, and drove away from Kansas City, a place he is unlikely to visit again.

Off and on during the day, I watched him doze off in the cab of his pickup as I drove, and I thought:

"Rest, Daddy, Rest."

His fatigue was palpable. I know how much care he gave my mother, and what it took out of him, and what I saw wa…