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Dancing Ecstatically.

Some weeks things fall apart.

The job is lost. A parent or your children have hurts you cannot protect them from. A person you love gets a diagnosis of something terrible and unfixable. Taxes are due. You forget a meeting. You say or do something that makes someone feel small. You break something that can't be replaced. The love affair ends before it begins.

The way I have learned to get by is to be zen about it all, to be not attached, to let what comes come and what goes go, to embrace the terrible, beautiful truth of impermanence and of a lack of control, and to let people and situations just be what they are, without the need to change them or want them to be different. To be present and full in this moment. No future, no past, just now.

To be grateful for all that is.

I've got that, in spades, the gratitude. Because gratitude is easy. It's an easy emotion to hold. I vastly prefer a full heart, a deep breath, and a thoughtful rumination on impermanence to arguing with real…