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I've been in India for four days now and some observations come to mind:

It's hard for a feeling, well-meaning, and self-conscious person to get punched in the face by their privilege. Hard, but necessary. Here I sit at the Taj Hotel, in the marble lobby, drinking tea and writing about this experience. Privilege positively drips from the marble fountain in the middle of this cool lobby with the Indian classical musician in the corner playing a raag and the efficient, whispering waiters asking if Madame would like another cup of chai.

It's illuminating and contextualizing to be in a country in the midst of an ecological crisis. We drove to Agra and along the way, the brickmaking furnaces belched black smoke into an already hazy sky. The air smells like gasoline here, everywhere. That exhaust smell that Americans notice in city alleys where a delivery truck has been idling? In Delhi that's just air. The smell of gasoline leaks into the hotel at different times of day, and …